Complaints Regulations

General provisions:

You can claim and return goods in case of poor quality or if they have been visibly damaged by transport. Following conditions apply:

  • the goods must be returned complete
  • the items must not be damaged by the customer
  • the goods must not show signs of wear and use

The claim address is at the warehouse DOKI DOKI s.r.o., Ruska 45/2, 470 01 Ceska Lipa, Czech Republic. In case of detecting unrecoverable defect, the goods will be replaced.

You cannot claim goods due to inaccurate data and photos on the seller's website (see responsibility for the content of the website) or because of the inaccurate color of printed magnets or the inaccurate colors on the monitor or mobile phone display. The display device can differ significantly from the print rendering, range and depth of color. At the same time, you cannot claim color changes to printed UV-based photos. All goods are produced to order, as is the adjustment of the dimensions of individual types of goods. Therefore, the goods are not covered by the 14-day legal possibility of withdrawal provided for in Section 53 of the Civil Code.

Warranty and warranty period of the product:

A warranty period of 24 months from the date of manufacture, the warranty applies only to manufacturing defects. After the warranty period, the life of self-adhesive decors decreases after application.

After applying self-adhesive decors, a warranty cannot be applied. The warranty does not cover defects resulting from:

  • improper use of
  • incorrect application
  • improper storage
  • wear and tear

Claim during the warranty period:

To claim the warranty, only provide the order number, the seller will be able to finish all the necessary information.

Print life:

The maximum printing life depends on the location of magnets in the interior. When applied to an exposed place, under direct sunlight, the life of the prints will be significantly lower than if magnets are not exposed to direct sunlight or UV radiation.

Warranty does not apply:

  • if the warranty period has expired for the claimed goods before the date of the claim
  • improper use of goods
  • non-compliance with the instructions set by the manufacturer or supplier
  • improper application, handling or negligent care of goods
  • the goods have been damaged by elements or poor storage

Final provisions:

This complaint system shall take effect on May 26, 2020. Changes to the complaint are reserved.

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