Photomagnets on the fridge

Photomagnets from your own photos

Bring your fridge to life with original magnets from photos of family, pets or unforgettable moments from your holiday by the sea or in the mountains.

Photomagnets on the fridge

Original gift with tracked shipping only 9,90 €

Children, wedding, graduation, holidays by the sea, memories from flights or, for example, artistic photographs - all this you can see every day.

Photomagnets on the fridge

Durable and unbreakable memories

Give your loved ones and friends the pleasure of life experiences and events captured and create beautiful and original magnets from these photos.

Shipping only 9,90 €

For tracked shipments

Delivery from 10 working days

Fast production and delivery

Quality photo paper

Print on semi-matte photo paper

Magnetic film

We use flexible magnetic film

Fridge magnets from photos

We produce high quality fridge magnets from our own photos. Create an original gift that will commemorate the moments spent with your family, the bright moments of your holiday, meeting with close friends or cute pets.

From photos on your computer or smartphone, we'll print original square photomagnets that you'll be able to see every day. We print the photos in high quality on UV permanent photo paper, which we apply to flexible magnetic film.

Fridge magnets are easy to move and do not damage the surface. You can order square motifs with sizes 5×5 cm, 7×7 cm and 10×10 cm. Photomagnets on the fridge are produced with high care within ten working days, starting from 1,40 € for 1 pc.

Order magnets

Start creating photomagnets

1. Select the magnet size
Before you create the photomagnets, select the appropriate size first. You have a choice of square sizes 5×5 cm, 7×7 cm and 10×10 cm.

2. Upload photograph
Upload your own digital photos from your computer, laptop, or directly from your mobile phone or tablet.

3. Select the appropriate cutout
In uploaded photos you can easily change the cutout and customize each photo to your individual need before production.

Photomagnets from Instagram

View sample photos of magnets on Instagram and get inspired.

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